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Photozella is a visual celebration of nude outdoor fun and art!

Location: Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

When the weather is nice the north end of the publicly accessible beach is packed with nude and partially nude visitors. We will occasionally use this location for Photozella, though usually we will travel to less frequented places.

baker beach nude beach

To get there by car: South of the Presidio (the huge park-like area at the north west end of the city), get on 25th Ave heading north. You will have to make a right onto Lincoln Blvd as you leave the residential area. Take the second left turn onto Bowley Street which is the main entrance into the baker beach park area. Make a right onto Gibson Rd and continue on to the large parking lot. Get there early, as it fills up fast. Additional parking can be found on Lincoln Blvd to the north - from there you can follow paths down to the beach.

You may also take public transit, locally known as "muni". Bus number 29 goes north on 25th street and goes right into the park at Baker beach. How you connect to get on bus 29 is up to you - I have provided a link to the MUNI city transit system. San Francisco Muni map

If you are a Photozella member coming on a Photozella day, we will likely have our own shuttle bus from downtown. Contact us if you are interested.

From here walk north along the beach. The nude section is at the north end where the large rock outcrop defines the end of the beach. This is where our group will meet. At low tide it is possible to clamber over the rocks and continue north where it is also OK to be nude.

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